Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The names for the cat. What do you call a cat

The names for the boy cat

Name the cat must be beautiful, sonorous, approached your pet and meet the following basic desires:
  • 1. Well, when contains the name of the cat hissing sounds (for example, Yasha, Zsuzsa, Lusha or Margot), the fact that cats are by nature very alert It is a hissing sound (similar to the rustling of a mouse), which is why the name of a hissing cat learns quickly.
    If you do not know what name to sizzling select or you do not like such names, it can be called a kitten somehow important, for example, Leonardo, and in common parlance call him Alex - Leshenka or, say, Ivan, and houses Willow , actually a nickname on behalf of Margot Margot.
  • 2. You can choose sounding names, even though they do not have a sizzling, but nevertheless attracted the attention of a cat, examples of such nicknames are: Quincy, Bjarni, Gretel, Albert, Lisa, Gel, Andy.
    As you can see, in these names is not sizzling, but they contain the letters as "a", "c", "b", "s", "d", which give the name of brightness and create accents .
  • 3. Conveniently, when the name is short and with the accent on the first syllable, not without reason before all cats called Vaska and Murka - short, loud with the accent on the first syllable.
Optionally, to cat's full name in the documents and the name of the domestic cat's match. You can call the cat Imperial, and in everyday life call Impey, for example, (is just going to pronounce Imperial, the cat will lose any interest to you). Same with the name of Ivan, it is too stretched, according to the cat, but Willow - that, even if you use a nickname Willow (as you can see, we have introduced a hissing sound), the cat will love (probably no coincidence that in the words of cat and mouse has by hissing)
Talk about names for the cat comfortable with concrete examples. It is no secret that professional breeders cat litters of cats are called alphabetically. Let us also consider the interesting names for cats alphabetically.

Bing.com names for kittens on the letter A

As you can see, the name can be very beautiful and at the same time have reduced the home version, which will be pleasing to the cat.
It would be interesting to know that, for example, can be expected from a cat named Asters. Usually cats with such a rare name Asters bit arrogant, considered himself the head of the pride, the first to occupy the best place in the apartment, and run out the rest. But, of course, cats with the nickname Asters know their value and know how to behave, such cats are never scratched or allow themselves to do wrong.